Refrigerated containers are commonly used in transporting perishable goods. 

We have in stock CARRIER and DAIKIN reefers (Machinery)  mainly because:

1) they are the units highly sought for because of the availability and affordability of spare parts.

2) Low power consumption as compared to other brands

3) Low noise production when running

4) The reefer units come with a six month warranty starting from the day it’s delivered.

5) Once the warranty period expires, we can be servicing the reefers for your company at a small fee.

6) These units are air and water tight and can operate and maintain temperature range between +30° to -30° degree Celsius with ease.

We have currently delivered over 300 units of refrigerated containers within East and Central Africa in the past two years and other than selling and Leasing we also offer after sale service and maintenance.

20ft Reefer

20 ft reefers

Ksh. 1,300,000.00

40ft Reefer

40 ft reefers

Ksh. 1,400,000.00