Container Homes

With increased cost of land in the modern world, container homes offer a cheaper alternative since they take up small spaces to build.Container homes are a growing trend. They are safe and can last for more than 30 years with proper maintenance. We make them habitable and safe to live in. We’ve got different designs and different types of container houses. They range from bedsitters, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom to 4 bedroom houses. 

The interior of a container home is usually insulated to regulate room temperature. Insulation is done using styrofoams and the wall covered with gypsum boards. Container homes can also be fitted with air conditioners in hot areas depending on the client’s wish. Plumbing, electrical wiring and painting is done to perfection to bring out the beautiful features of a container house. Container houses have a bright future because more and more people are embracing this innovation, that is why at Container Sales Kenya, we are at the fore front of shipping container value addition so as to give our customers the best services in container products.

A bedsitter from a 20ft Container

Ksh. 560,000.00

1 bedroom house from a 40ft Container

Ksh. 900,000.00

2 bedroom house from a 40ft Container

Ksh. 950,000.00